Our Story

Our story begins during a child abuse seminar in 1985 during which the presenter called upon the audience to ‘make a pact to protect all children, today.’

Two detective sergeants, David Jefferies and Dugald MacMillan, took this message to heart. They approached Kay McGrath, the well-known TV presenter who was covering the seminar for her TV channel and together they decided to create a community-based organisation promoting child protection. PACT was officially formed in Kay’s house, as she, David and Dugald signed the paperwork to create an organisation called Protect All Children Today.

With the purpose of promoting child protection, Annette Purcell joined the newly launched organisation. Michael Caffery – a leading advocate for change in the sector – joined PACT not long afterward.

Over the coming years, PACT was instrumental in helping change investigative processes, which included the taping of the initial Police interview with child victims and the use of multi-disciplinary investigation techniques.

In 1990, PACT created and launched the first Child Protection Week campaign, with the aim of bringing abuse and neglect out of the shadows and putting child wellbeing on the national agenda. The event became so large it was handed over to a committee with representatives from leading organisations in the sector. National Child Protection Week is recognised annually in September and continues to boost the wellbeing of all children in Australia.

In recent times, PACT has focused on filling an important gap; supporting child victims of crime and child witnesses who have to give evidence in court.

To date, we’ve helped nearly 26,000 children and young people find their voice, ease their anxieties, understand the legal process and give evidence in court.