Throughout Queensland we give a voice to children and young people, supporting their rights to be heard in the legal and court systems and relieving their fear and anxiety during the process.

With more than 35 years’ experience in advocating for child protection, PACT (Protect All Children Today) is Queensland’s leading non-profit in supporting child victims and witnesses to crime, and the only organisation working in the child court arena.

Our staff, board, partners and 100+ strong team of volunteer Child Witness Support Champions are dedicated to giving vulnerable children and young people the support they need to navigate the stressful and complex legal world where they must testify as victims of, or witnesses to, a crime.

Our logo features a bird taking a smaller bird under its wing, representing PACT’s mission to nurture and protect child witnesses.

It also represents hope, and the knowledge that the bird’s strong wings mean it never has to stay in one place. Where it is now is not where it will be tomorrow, or in the years to come - much like the young people PACT strives to support.

The benefits of PACT's Child Witness Support Program

♥ Child Witnesses and their families are better prepared
Children and their families have a better understanding of what to expect throughout the court process and when they give evidence in court.

♥ Better preparation to give evidence
Children concentrate more when preparing their evidence with PACT’s impartial support, without influence or pressure from other parties.

♥ Increased quality of evidence
Child witnesses are able to give better evidence because of the preparation and support received as they give evidence to the Court.

♥ Reduced workload for Office of Director of Public Prosecutions
ODDP’s time spent on liaison, support and education is reduced.

♥ Reduced Burden on Queensland Police Service
Police Officer’s time spent on victim liaison and general support work is reduced, providing more time for crime investigation and prevention activities.

♥ Reduced delays in court proceedings
PACT is independent and endorsed by the Courts so objections to our involvement are very rare, unlike when family members are chosen for support. Children are also more willing to give evidence when they feel supported.

♥ Increased Number of Completed Prosecutions
Evidence is considered more reliable as the support offered to children helps to maintain their composure during testimony and increases their willingness to give evidence.