PACT CEO John McDiarmid learns about Xari Group's approach to cybersecurity at a recent visit to their main office.
PACT CEO John McDiarmid learns about Xari Group’s approach to cybersecurity at a recent visit to their main office.

With PACT’s focus being to support child victims through the stressful process of giving evidence, nobody wants to spend time thinking about the threat of cybersecurity or how to prevent a cyberattack. But ensuring PACT is safe and secure from the very real current-day scourge of cyber threats has now become a priority to ensure sensitive client data is fully protected.

Thanks to PACT’s newest partner in cybersecurity – Xari Group – PACT now has the reassurance and confidence to know that its highly confidential company and client data is safe.

PACT CEO John McDiarmid said he’s excited the partnership with Xari Group will ensure PACT is “secure from modern-day cyber threats.”

“It is absolutely crucial to PACT that we are a trustworthy organisation that takes our data security seriously,” John said.

“As a non-profit that has access to sensitive data and relies on the backing of government, legal and law enforcement agencies in order to support vulnerable victims, cybersecurity is front and centre in our minds.”

It’s understandable there can be a reluctance to spend funds on things outside the primary mission of a non-profit. But with cybercriminal activity on the rise, ignoring the threats can have devastating consequences. It’s a risk PACT is not willing to take and reflects that we protect all children today in a wide range of ways, which is where the initiative to form a partnership with Xari Group was formed.

Xari Group CEO Aaron Hawke says security is their “core competence.”

 “Our job is to protect organisations like PACT from threats that actively target their systems, and ensure industry and government compliance,” Aaron said. “We’re excited PACT chose to partner with us to ensure the best possible security is in place to protect the data of the clients they support.”