Our imPACT

If we’re lucky, we can only imagine what it would be like for victims of, or witnesses to, crime to undergo the court process. It’s for these children PACT exists.

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How do you quantify the sense of emotional relief a victim feels when the complex legal journey facing them is demystified in a way they can understand?  Or put a value on the reassurance a witness feels when their trusted PACT Support Person is right there alongside them in court for moral support?

Can you imagine the long-term impact on a victim of violent or sexual crime when stress evolves into anxiety, aggression, withdrawal, anger, depression, sleeplessness and nightmares? What if these effects could be replaced by feelings of being cared for, listened to, less burdened, less alone, and empowered to access justice?

This is our imPACT!

This is how we make an imPACT:

Victims and their families are better prepared

Victims, witnesses and their families have a better understanding of what to expect throughout the court process and when they give evidence in court.

Increased quality of evidence

Victims and witnesses are able to give better evidence because of the preparation and support received before and during their testimony.

Better preparation to give evidence

Victims and witnesses concentrate more and stay focussed when preparing their evidence with PACT’s impartial support, without influence or pressure from other parties.

Reduced workload for the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP)

Time spent on victim liaison, support and education is reduced, allowing them to focus on legal case preparation and appearing in court.

Reduced workload for police services

The time police officers spend on victim liaison and general support work is reduced, providing more time for crime investigation and prevention activities.

Reduced delays in court proceedings

PACT is independent and endorsed by the courts so objections to our involvement are very rare, resulting in a smoother process.

Increased number of prosecutions

Evidence is considered more reliable as the support offered to victims and witnesses helps to maintain their composure during testimony and increases their willingness to give evidence.

Better support through the long court journey

The court process can be long and unpredictable, often taking up to 2 years. PACT is there every step of the way.

Our total reach can’t simply be quantified, but these figures show a glimpse of our imPACT:


Child PACT support

To date, we've helped more than 28,000 children to give evidence in the Criminal Justice System.


Every year, PACT supports approximately 1,800 children and their families across Queensland.


Across the State, there are more than 100 volunteer PACT Support Persons working to help child witnesses navigate the legal system.


We've been around since 1985 - more than 35 years, working towards a safer, better world for children.

Our imPACT highlights from 2019-2020:


From the coastal stretch of the Gold Coast to Thursday Island, to the inland regions of Mt Isa and Toowoomba, PACT received 1,614 referrals for support.


In the last year alone, PACT supported 1,071 females who were victims of, or witnesses to, crime.


In 2020, PACT assisted 543 boys and young men who had to give evidence.


Approximately 60% of the children we supported were victims or witnesses in sexual matters.

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