Being a PACT Child Witness Support Volunteer

How to Become a PACT Volunteer

Please fill out the either the online Application Form or download a copy and after reading the Job Description and forward it to PACT for consideration.

If selected, PACT Volunteers undergo extensive training to ensure they have the appropriate knowledge to best support the children and families accessing PACT services.

PACT generally has several Volunteer intakes each year with advertisements placed in the local print and radio media. As PACT provides a Statewide service, training is determined by the area of most need and is also dependent upon the location of the majority of the successful applicants.

Child Witness Support Volunteer Role Description

Volunteer Recruitment Brochure

What PACT Volunteers say about supporting Child Witnesses


The selection panel meets to consider each application and determine whether an Interview will be held. At interview, applicants are provided with specific information about the role and have the opportunity to ask any questions or raise concerns they may have. PACT has found that it is often at this stage of the process that people self-determine that PACT work is not suitable for them.


If you are interested in becoming a PACT Volunteer you can complete an online application here or download a volunteer application form here.

Are you suited to the role of Child Witness Support Volunteer?

Do you have some spare time on your hands and are wishing to provide support to members of your local community? If so, PACT Volunteering might just be what you are looking for.
The PACT Child Witness Support Volunteer role is extremely rewarding, with information and support provided to children and young people required to give evidence in the criminal justice system.

Important factors to consider:

  • Volunteers conduct face-to-face visits to build rapport and provide information, usually in the family's home, so your own transport is essential.
  • The court process may be long, with Volunteers providing information and support for the entire court proceedings. Therefore, PACT Volunteers are asked to make a long-term commitment to enable continuing with the families they support.
  • The court process is unpredictable, so Volunteers must be very flexible with their availability in order to best support our clients. PACT sometimes receives short notice in relation to the rescheduling of Court dates.
  • Whilst Volunteers are not allowed to discuss the details of the cases with the child or family due to confidentiality, they are exposed to disturbing details about what the child has experienced. Adequate debriefing and support mechanisms have been established to enable Volunteers to discuss any concerns with the Volunteer Coordinator, their Team Leader or fellow Volunteers.

If applicants wish to continue with their application they are offered the opportunity to participate in the Volunteer Training Program.

Compulsory Induction Training

Training provides Volunteers with extensive information about the Court process, the people involved and the requirements of a PACT Child Witness Support Volunteer. Trainees receive presentations from members of the legal profession, Queensland Police Service and visit their local Courts.

At the successful completion of the Induction Training, new Volunteers are supervised by their Team Leader for a number of cases, until they are competent and comfortable to provide information and support on their own.

The Compulsory Blue Card

All Volunteers working with children are required to hold a current Blue Card. Application Forms can be submitted by PACT to the Commission for Children and Young People. Blue Card Application Forms will be provided by PACT to short-listed applicants prior to Training.