Become a PACT Child Witness Support Champion

Become a Child Witness Support Volunteer

Our Child Witness Support Volunteers are truly the lifeblood of PACT.

Requiring bucket loads of dedication to meet the emotional and time-heavy demands of the role, our Child Witness Support Volunteers are truly exceptional.

The process from initial arrest to trial can be lengthy, and our volunteers dedicate a significant amount of time providing impartial knowledge and support to child witnesses, ensuring they and other vulnerable young people have the ability to give their best evidence and move forward with strength and hope for the future.

PACT's 100+ strong team of Child Witness Support Volunteers throughout Queensland are dedicated to giving vulnerable children and young people the support they need to navigate the stressful and complex legal world where they must testify as victims of, or witnesses to, a crime. We recruit and provide ongoing support and training for our volunteer Child Witness Support Champions who give unbiased information to the child and their carers about legal proceedings, preparing them for, and supporting them throughout, the court process.


PACT Child Witness Support Volunteer traits

Coming from various backgrounds and walks of life, the traits our volunteers share is compassion, resilience and the skillsets to build rapport with a child victim or witness to support them throughout their courtroom journey. While no experience is necessary to become a Child Witness Support Volunteer, due to the challenging and confronting nature of this role we ask candidates to self-evaluate whether they are:


  Flexible and available with their time in order to support child witnesses through a lengthy (& often unpredictable) legal process;

  Able to communicate with children and young people in a way they can relate to;

♥  Compassionate, caring and empathetic;

  Able to form positive relationships with a range of stakeholders (community, legal profession, Police, government depts.);

  Resilient & calm under pressure;

♥  Willing to undergo training, learn processes & use technology in order to protect privacy and offer excellent service;

  Confidential, impartial & able to follow all instructions & legalities including not discussing evidence;

Looking to use their skills, experience and time to effect change and a more positive world for vulnerable children and young people!


The role of a PACT Child Witness Support Person

The role of a Child Witness Support Volunteer is extremely important. It not only helps the child cope with the stress of giving evidence, but it helps ensure the child gives the best quality of evidence possible.

As a Child Witness Support Volunteer you will:

Confirm dates, times and details of when and how you’ll meet the child witness on the day
Make sure they won’t have to wait alone inside or outside the Courtrooms
Provide emotional support and a physical presence
Accompany the child witness into the waiting rooms and PACT suites
Sit with the child witness as they give evidence in the pre-recording room
Help them leave the Courtroom and assist them to leave the Court building after the process is finished



Ready to join PACT as a Child Witness Support Volunteer? Complete an online application or download a volunteer application form here.