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PACT Support Volunteers play a vital role in helping child and teen victims, their families and vulnerable adult witnesses find crucial support at a time when they need it most. Our services are more in-demand than ever, and we are looking for resilient people to join our team of PACT Support Persons.

Volunteer with Queensland’s leading charity in the field of victim court support and make a huge IMPACT in your community. It’s a challenging – and at times emotionally difficult – but incredibly rewarding role!

Requiring bucket loads of dedication to meet the emotional and time-heavy demands of the role, PACT Support Persons are truly exceptional!

If you have time, empathy, compassion and the desire to make a positive imPACT in the lives of child victims and vulnerable witnesses of all ages, PACT needs you! We’re now recruiting caring volunteers to support children, youth and adults who have to give evidence in the criminal justice system.

We’re expanding our services to also support vulnerable adult witnesses, especially those who have experienced sexual and domestic violence.

We now have a unique opportunity for volunteers who want to support both child and adult witnesses. If you prefer to support one age group over the other, you can also let us know your preference. In the near future there will also be some admin volunteer roles, specifically helping clients with financial assistance claims and victim impact statements.

PACT volunteers come from all walks of life, though this role is well suited to former educators, counsellors, social or care workers, people with life experience raising children or in people-centric roles and retired professionals in the fields of child protection, law enforcement/legal.

We welcome volunteers from ALL backgrounds and walks of life who have the right skills, traits and availability.

No legal experience is necessary as we offer comprehensive onboarding and ongoing trainings. However, due to the challenging and confronting nature of this role we ask candidates to self-evaluate whether they have the following traits:

Volunteer Traits

Flexible and available with their time

The process from initial arrest to trial can be long. Volunteers dedicate a significant amount of time to support their allocated witness, so unfortunately this role does not usually work for those in paid employment or studying.

Compassion is essential when volunteering with PACT

Compassionate, caring & empathetic

Building trust is a must between the witness and their support person. Volunteers need the skills to build rapport with the person they’re supporting and their families to help them without judgement throughout their legal journey.

Volunteer with PACT

Confidential and impartial

As an impartial support person, PACT volunteers must be able to follow all instructions, legalities and court processes including not discussing evidence.

Volunteering with PACT takes resilience

Resilient and calm under pressure

Supporting children, young people and vulnerable adult witnesses through what may be the most difficult time of their lives requires a great deal of resilience and the ability to stay centered, calm and clear-headed.

Communication is important when volunteering with PACT

Ability to communicate effectively

Even many adults have a hard time wrapping their heads around the complex justice systems and legal jargon. Add stress, anxiety and trauma to the mix, and it all becomes even more confusing. Volunteers have to be able to communicate with witnesses – especially children and young people – in ways that make sense to them.

Communication is important when volunteering with PACT

Have a growth-mindset

PACT is court-approved and endorsed within the legal community because we mutually respect the system we work within and remain impartial. PACT volunteers must be willing to participate in initial and ongoing trainings,  learn processes & use technology in order to protect privacy, offer excellent service and maintain legal privacy.

Communication skills are important for a PACT volunteer

Ability to form positive relationships

Volunteer PACT Support Persons liaise with a range of stakeholders within the community, legal profession, police and government depts., etc. As such, they must be effective communicators and able to build positive working relationships.

Have the desire to create positive change

Whether it’s a meaningful retirement they’re looking for, or the desire to use their skills, experience and time to effect change, all PACT volunteers share the goal of putting their abilities to good use in order to create a more positive world for vulnerable children, young people and adult victims!

As a PACT Support Volunteer you will:

Build rapport

You will meet with the witness and carer at their home, park or local venue to build rapport, and offer education and information on what to expect of the court process.

Stay in touch

Throughout the long process, you will keep in touch with the witness, maintaining regular contact via phone, email or text.

Maintain focus

Support the witness and ensure they concentrate and focus as they watch a recording of their initial statement to the police (the '93A' viewing), as part of their evidence preparation.

Escort the witness

Escort the witness into specialised waiting areas using a secure entrance, and entertain them as they wait to give evidence. Encourage, support and repeat key information, reduce anxiety by supporting the witness as they wait to give evidence.

Be physically present

To reduce anxiety, volunteers are physically present during the Prosecutor's Conference, and when the witness gives evidence at the Pre-recording of Evidence.

Give a tour

Knowledge is power! To reduce the fear of the unknown, PACT Support Persons will give the witness a tour of court, including the vulnerable witness suite and the CCTV room where they will speak to the judge, prosecutor and defence counsel when giving evidence.

Educate and inform

A big part of our job is to provide education and information to witnesses and their families, reducing fear and increasing their confidence about what to expect.

Support to move forward

Help the witness to be aware of their rights, access counselling services as needed, stay up to date on the offender’s release via the Victims' Register and seek compensation for their loss.

Other support as needed

Since every case is unique, we provide support throughout the unpredictable court process, including sitting alongside the witness in the courtroom if they are required to give evidence from the witness box.

Meet some of our incredible PACT Support Volunteers:

Retired educator with years of experience working with children as a classroom teacher, education consultant and school principal.

“I became a PACT volunteer to honour the trust that so many children and young people had in me when telling me their stories throughout my career as an educator.”

Jan Brown

Social researcher for University of Queensland in social and preventative medicine, including interviewing terminally ill children and their parents.

“I’ve had a lifetime of volunteering including working with children. When I saw the PACT advertisement I knew instinctively that PACT was the next step.”


meet our volunteer

Former PACT staffer of many years and member of the Australian Counselling Association with 1,000s of client contact hours.

“My background working with diverse backgrounds and refugees with mental health issues greatly assists in my volunteer role with PACT.”

Retired Sergeant with the VIC Police Dept and Court Prosecutor. Extensive experience in the prosecution of cases involving children and young persons.

“I’ve witnessed how children can be overwhelmed with the circumstances and the sights of uniforms and formality of courts and wanted to help.”

PACT Volunteer

Radiographer, Building Company Director, Owner of Hostel Level Aged care Homes.

“I knew there was nobody in my town assisting children going through the court system, so I felt it was an area I could contribute in. Having worked in Emergency depts., I know I’m pretty unflappable. I have a genuine love of children and wanted to see them supported as they go through a process that can be so difficult for them to understand and experience.”

Sarah Anne Graham

13+ years working in hospitality and in commercial kitchens as a chef.

“I became a chef because it was one way I knew I could take care of people. Later I was hoping for a career change and knew I wanted to work with kids. I kind of fell into volunteering and have never been more satisfied with my life’s journey. I’ve been through very similar circumstances as the children I’m supporting. Knowing I didn’t get the support I now give motivates me to help others.” 

Colleen Cox

Retired health professional (nursing) who worked many years in the Child Protection Unit at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

“I became a PACT volunteer so I could use my knowledge to support children and young people who have experienced trauma. I understand how challenging the journey can be for vulnerable children; supporting them during the legal process shows they are not alone and with our guidance they know about the steps along the way.” 

Mary Naidoo

Background in Behavioural Science/Community Welfare and a volunteer at the Supreme and District Court as a networker.

“PACT volunteers support child victims as they navigate some of the worst days imaginable. The guarantee that we’ll be with them in court when their parent can’t be is vital to the welfare of the entire family. My promise to the children that they can lean on me during the court process helps, I hope, in some small way to redress the wrongs they have to endure.”

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