PACT's forecasted Social Return on Investment independent report

Grant Thornton undertook an independent study of PACT’s funding and services to calculate our social return on investment.

As a globally recognised national firm with over 150 partners and more than 1,300 staff, the professionalism and credibility of Grant Thornton was applied on this pro bono assessment which was conducted as part of the company’s aim to support community-focused organisations.

The report thoroughly examined PACT’s investment for the 2021 Financial Year and assessed the social impact that our activities are forecast to have on key stakeholder groups over the year.

Most significantly, the independent report found that for every $1 of funding PACT receives, $3.13 of social value is delivered!

PACT’s presence “provides assurance that the courtroom experience does not further traumatise a child witness.”

Deputy Public Prosecutor, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP)

“When a child is comfortable and confident with the expectations of them as a witness, there is a greater likelihood that the child will provide consistent and reliable evidence. Consistent and reliable evidence is essential in aiding the court to deliver a verdict.”

Grant Thornton Review, 2020

“The help that PACT provides is invaluable because otherwise VLOs would drain resources essentially ‘babysitting’ for hours. [PACT’s presence] is very cost effective in that sense.”

Victim Liaison Officer, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP)

“[PACT’s involvement] is essential to our work from the perspective of them calming down a lot of children, understanding family dynamics as well as essential aspects of being in court and assisting in that way.”

Crown Prosecutor, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP)

The absence of PACT “has had an impact during COVID-19. In finding other support, some delays became obvious. It is clear how much gain we get from an impartial PACT support person.”

Crown Prosecutor, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP)

“PACT’s support is undoubtedly a benefit to a child…As a result of [PACT’s] support, child witnesses are more likely to be better informed, emotionally stable and able to provide better quality evidence as a result of this.”

Judge, District Court of Queensland

“From the QPS point of view, trying to keep everyone happy, keeping witnesses happy is the most time consuming part of the process. It makes it much easier to
deal with all the issues at hand when PACT is able to take some of the burden.”

Detective Senior Sergeant, Child Protection and Investigation Units (CPIU), Queensland Police Service (QPS)

“…it helps to know who to contact and who not to contact. In family situations there is always going to be a line in the same with those for and those against. Having [PACT] workings allows inside knowledge of this.”

Detective Senior Sergeant, Queensland Police Service (QPS)

“PACT workers do a great job in the lead up forming a bond with the family. We are dealing with troubled children and troubled families. The foundations PACT lay in the lead up can really make a big difference when it comes time to do a pre-recording.”

Victim Liaison Officer, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP)